General information

If you take a map of Europe and find the Baltic Sea, on its Eastern edge you’ll see three small states. The Southernmost of the trio is Lithuania (or Lietuva as it’s called in Lithuanian) – the host country of EuroBasket 2011. This part of the website, called “Come to Lithuania” is dedicated to all those looking for practical information about this Baltic state.

Participants of the project 'Savas Vilnius' see capital of Lithuania in very attractive way. Watch yourself!


Know the facts:

For a more in-depth presentation of the country, check out the information prepared by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

You can also find more information about Lithuania on this website:

Tourist information centres (TICs) will surely be one of the places you’ll be looking for when you get here. It is also possible to contact them while you’re home. A list of TICs located in the country and abroad is located here:

Learn more about places to visit in Lithuania: or

See the country without leaving home - take a virtual tour: